Yasmeen Alsafar.png

Yasmeen Al-Saffar


Yasmeen ensures all rules and bylaws of the CPISPAA, as well as local laws, are adhered to by the board during meetings and in the implementation of board decisions. The secretary is also in charge of all of the records and documentation for the organization.


Esraa Al-Sabah

Events Planner

Esraa serves as the Events Planner for the CPISP alumni association, delivering a comprehensive events program in order to facilitate collaboration and knowledge transfer between alumni and the Bahraini community. She organizes fun and valuable events to support students and alumni.

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Mohamed Al-Ghanami

International Chapter Coordinator

Mohamed is responsible for devising and implementing the CPISPAA’s strategy for fostering excellent alumni relations. His role is to build and strengthen relationships between the CPISPAA and its community of scholars abroad and maximize alumni engagement with the alumni association.

PP - Ahmed Ashour.png

Ahmed Ashour

Communications Coordinator

Ahmed manages all communication channels including the website content, social media, press, and alumni data. He works closely with the entire team to promote events through our channels of communication.



Mahmood Abdulla


Mahmood oversees the organization’s affairs and is responsible for keeping the members informed on committee matters. Mahmood presides on all committee meetings and represents the Alumni Association in its dealings with external parties.


Ahmed Al-Bardooli

Vice President

As the VP, Ahmed assists the President in his duties, which include leading, managing, and developing the association's programs and strategy.


Eman Al-Sabah


Eman manages the Alumni Association funds. She ensures the budget allocation is in place and compliance with regulatory requirements. She is passionate about improving our programs and providing a diverse offering.