About CPISPAA Mentoring Program

As part of the CPISPAA's mission to help and build young leaders in the community, we have started the Mentoring Program in partnership with the CPISP candidacy program to connect young Bahrainis aspiring to be the next generation leaders with CPISP scholars and Alumni.

The aim of the event is to introduce CPISP candidates to CPISP recipients and to allow for One-on-One mentoring, as well as group mentoring.

The program includes one-on-one meetings and panel discussions on topics of interest to the CPSIP candidates.

2021 Mentoring Program

Standardized Tests Preparation

College Panel Talk

Life After College Panel Talk

2020 Mentoring Program

See the recordings of 2020 Mentoring Program panel discussions below.

Alternative Path - CPISPAA Panel Session


A selected group of previous CPISP candidates talk about their successful careers after the CPISP candidacy program. This is a great session to learn about alternative opportunities available for candidates that don't receive the scholarship.


28 July 2020


Ahmed Bardooli (Group 12)


 - Amal Alawadhi (Group 3)

 - Taqi Abdulla (Group 10)

 - Zain Ali (Group 19)

Picking your Major - CPISPAA Panel Session


CPISP scholars and alumni talk about selecting their college major and their thought process/experiences that led them to make their decisions


9 August 2020


Zahra Albasri (Group 18)


 - S. Ali Alderazi (Group 5)

 - Mohsen Ameeri (Group 9)

 - Huda Alqabbat (Group 14)

 - Husain Ali (Group 17)

 - Noor Alsairafi (Group 17)

Working Abroad and in Bahrain - CPISPAA Panel Session


CPISP Alumni talk about their experiences working in Bahrain and abroad. The discussion will cover three main topics: selecting your field of work, applying to jobs and the work environment in Bahrain and abroad, general advice for students 


11 August 2020


Ahmed Bardooli (Group 12)


 - Hussain Almusaad (Group 1)

 - Eman Alsabah (Group 6)

 - Mahmood Abdulla (Group 8)

 - Elham Ali (Group 11)

 - Saeed Alrahma (Group 12)