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Note: this guide will be updated with more precise details (where necessary) over time.

For any questions not covered in this sections, feel free to email us at!



  • What is the Mentoring Program about?


CPISPAA’s Mentoring Program aims to connect Bahraini students to CPISP recipients, allowing students to gain valuable advice which can guide them through their own experiences! We have been in your shoes before and we understand how scary it is transitioning from one stage of your life to another - we hope that through this program, you’ll feel more reassured and ready to deal with whatever comes next.

The program can be split into three parts as follows:


  1. One-on-one mentoring: mentees will choose the mentors they would like to meet with from a large variety of CPISP recipients, and the organizing team will connect both parties. This is typically one meeting that lasts around 30 minutes and is held virtually or in-person (up to you) at any time between July 11 and July 31, based on your availability and your mentor’s.

  2. Panels/Workshops: we will be running a series of panels and workshops about general topics of interest to mentees - this year’s panels and workshops include:

    • SAT/IELTS Prep

    • College Apps Workshop

    • Alternate Paths Panel 

    • Culture Shock

    • How to make the most out of college 

    • Life After College

    • Transitioning back to Bahrain

  3. Majors and universities fair: mentors will host Zoom sessions introducing their individual majors and universities from August 9 to August 14.

More information about each part of the program is provided below.

One-on-One Mentoring


  • How can I pick mentors?

We gathered relevant information about the available mentors and compiled all of it into our website ( for your convenience! Use the filters and make note of whoever interests you. Be sure to click on each profile to see more information about the mentor.

In the form you will be asked to pick characteristics you are looking for in your mentors, which will be used by the matching algorithm. You are also given the space to select specific mentors you want to meet with and we highly encourage you to do so.


  • How do I use the profiles page?

The profiles are quite lengthy (the more information the better?), however one thing to note is it’s filtered for easy navigation according to what you’re looking for in a mentor.


In the past, mentees have looked at the ‘Education’ and ‘Ask me about:’ sections to pick who to meet with, so those portions are included in the profile’s preview section, but don’t forget to click on a scholar’s profile to see their full profile!


  • How are the meetings with mentors set up?


According to the information you provide in the form (i.e. the number of mentors you would like to meet along with your preferences), you will be matched with the appropriate mentor/s. 

Note that some mentors have low availability and unfortunately cannot meet with many mentees. Given that the matching process is based on an algorithm that compares your preferences to mentors’ availability, you might not be matched with all of the mentors you choose. Nevertheless, we have a big group of amazing recipients! 

  • When are these one-on-one meetings?


Once the matching process is finished, mentors will be given your contact information and will email you accordingly to set up a meeting. The meeting can take place on any day from July 11th to July 31st, depending on your availability and mentors’.

  • What should I talk about in the one-on-one meeting?


Introduce yourself once you get to the meeting! Talk about where you’re currently at in terms of school, university or your career, and where you’d like to be. Be as specific as you are comfortable being. If you’re undecided on most of your future, remember that it’s normal! That’s the reason this whole mentorship exists anyway. 

  • I enjoyed meeting this mentor and would like to turn this into an ongoing mentorship / there’s someone I would like to speak to but I was not matched with…


In both cases, do not shy away from contacting us (the organisers), or directly contacting the mentor. Emails have been provided in the profiles page for your use at any time - utilize it! 


  • I’m nervous about signing up for one-on-one mentoring / I’m skeptical of how useful it will be to me / I don’t have the time or energy…


The organising team is putting in maximum effort to make sure the program is beneficial to mentees - we hope that whatever time and energy you invest into this program will be worth it. There’s much to learn from people who have experienced everything you’re scared of. 


Do know that the program is not an additional thing to keep up with but rather something to consult when you’re feeling lost; the one-on-one meetings are flexible in terms of date and time for your own benefit. If you choose not to sign up but change your mind after the deadline, just let us know!


If this motivates you in any way: in the last three years we’ve hosted this program, almost all of the candidates participated (with the exception of 3-5 candidates each year) and found it incredibly helpful and enlightening! Some mentees even stayed in contact with their mentors way after the program ended.



  • What topics are the panel sessions about?


  • SAT/IELTS Prep

  • College Applications Workshop

  • Alternate Paths Panel

  • Culture Shock

  • How to Make the Most Out of College

  • Life After College

  • Transitioning Back to Bahrain

Majors and Universities Fair


  • What is this fair?


The fair, which spans over a one-week period from August 9 to August 14, essentially brings together several mentors to speak about their own experiences and opinions regarding their major and university. Each mentor will be hosting an ‘office hour’ on Zoom, which you can show up to to ask questions and receive tips. Think of how an actual fair would look like with multiple stalls - but instead of stalls it’s Zoom links.

  • How will this fair take place?


Mentors will log the time of their office hour and what they will talk about in a spreadsheet, which you will receive access to a while later. At the time of each mentor’s office hour, you can join and leave as you please.

  • How is this different from one-on-one mentoring sessions?


While largely similar in terms of the smaller, more focused interactions - the fair provides you with the freedom to pop in and out of meetings with no need to choose beforehand who you would like to meet with. Its concentration on majors and universities specifically gives you a chance to get to know about degrees you might have not known about before, as well as insight into what it’s like studying at a particular university! You and other mentees can all join the office hour at once and ask questions simultaneously.

One-on-One mentoring
Majors and Unis Fair

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