Interview with Ahmed Bardooli, a Process Engineer in Bapco

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

What excites you about your work?

It is an exciting time to be at Bapco with the major modernization project is underway. We have a smart and hardworking group of young Bahrainis that are proud to work in a national company.

How would you like to see the downstream industry approach the pressing issue of climate change?

The dream is to be a carbon-neutral industry. This dream might seem difficult to accomplish now, but the downstream industry has the ethical responsibility to strive for a net-zero emission goal if it aims to persist its operation.

It starts with retiring old units or investing in revamps, as well as investing in research and development of more efficient and environmentally friendly technologies, such as digital twins and green hydrogen. Moreover, renewable energy should not be thought of as a competitor but as a key enabler for the downstream industry to reach its goal to be a carbon neutral industry.

I would like to see more young, ethical, and environmentally-conscious engineers joining the industry with the aim to fundamentally shift the industry’s long-standing attitude towards the environment, rather than shying away from it. As future leaders of the industry, we are directly affected by the failures of refineries today in reducing their carbon emissions; such failures will deem the industry obsolete or even worse, have an irreversible catastrophic impact on our planet.

Therefore, in order to accelerate the industry’s objective to reach net-zero emission, I would like to see open and collaborative efforts - similar to open-source modeling in the software industry - where individuals from the downstream industry come together to genuinely work on improving processes and share new trends in reducing emissions in the industry, rather than merely satisfying environmentally-conscious investors.

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