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CPSIPAA Programs

CPISP Alumni Association Programs

The CPISP Alumni Association's mission is to support CPISP alumni, students, and the Bahraini community through a variety of programs. That is why our programs are designed with the following goal in mind:

  1. Foster a sense of togetherness between CPISP alumni

  2. Provide programs to develop Bahraini students

  3. Support the Bahraini community through projects and events

University Talks

CPISP alumni and scholars have organized multiple talks at universities in Bahrain. The topics range from sharing experiences of studying abroad to presenting their research work. These PEP talks aim to prepare students as they begin their careers. 

Mentoring Program

The event is tailored specifically to students in their last year of high school. The program includes meeting with alumni who can guide and provide valuable insights and advice to CPISP candidates.

Innovation Challenge

The program is designed for CPISP scholars or recent alumni that are interested in creating an innovative solution to a problem/challenge in Bahrain. The goal is to create a plan as if you were to develop an application, start a business, support a charity, create new legislation, or establish a social enterprise to address a challenge you choose. The CPISPAA provides a 10-week program filled with workshops and seminars to help participants build the relevant skills to create a successful solution.

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